Registration is now open for the Women's Leadership Summit.
Location: Union Depot  
Address:240 Kellogg Blvd. East, St. Paul MN 55101  

Get inspired and supercharge your career! This motivational event by and for Women Leaders will enable you to learn the best practices other women leaders have adopted, how to overcome key challenges others have faced, and hear about new solutions that are solving these challenges. Learn how to best help others, create a top culture of diversity, and build a network of professional colleagues passionate about their development. Available seating is limited so be sure to sign up now to ensure a seat..

Event Speakers (more to be announced)

Megan Jorgensen
Regional Sales Director
Lincoln Financial

Kathleen Orner
VP/Chief Risk Officer
Carlson Wagonlit

Kendra Brodin
Director of Lawyer Talent
Briggs and Morgan

Theresa Alewine

Julie Urban
Agile Coach
Scrum Master

Mary Jo Huntley
Vice President

Stacy Bogart
VP-General Counsel

Stephanie Oelkers
Chief of Staff

Renee Conklin
V.P. Global HR
Protolabs HQ

Emily Scheevel
Principal,Health Care

Karen Ketchmark
SVP Human Resources

Lori Marco Senior
V.P. External Affairs
Hormel Foods

Susie Wiegele
Systems Engineering
Motorola Solutions

Location: Union Depot
Date:June 20, 2019
Fee: Just $199 (Lunch Included, Limited Seating so Register Now).

Agenda Summary

View Detailed Agenda
9:00 am: Registration, Refreshments, Peer Networking.
9:30 am: Five Common Characteristics of Highly Successful People
10:00 am: Panel: Building Your Value.
11:00 am: Become the Leader You Envision.
11:30 am: Sit-down lunch and informal networking.
12:45 pm: Handling Difficult Conversations with Confidence.
1:20 pm: Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Diversity.
2:00 pm: How to Reach Your Leadership Potential.
2:30 pm: Networking: Mentor Matching.
3:00 pm: Panel: Reviving/FastTracking Your Career.
4:00 pm: Conclusion.

Featured Past Event Speakers

Nora Zimmett
Sr. Vice President
Weather Channel

Laurie Rains
Senior Vice President

Sheryl Cummings
Senior Vice President

Laura W. Wellon
Sr. Vice President
UBS Financial

Gina Chapa
Vice President
American Airlines

Catherine Monson

Kathleen Bertrand
Sr. Vice President
Convention Bureau

Wendy Curry
Vice President

Lesley Hamlin
Vice President

Maria Myers
Global Controller

Alissa Burwick
Vice President
Charles Schwab

Stephanie Cadenhead
Asst. Vice President
Merrill Lynch

Abha Dogra
Chief Technology Officer
Iron Mountain

Sara Daugherty
Executive Director
Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Andrea Coulter
Regional Director
Dollar General

Location: Union Depot
Date:June 20, 2019
Fee: Just $199 (Lunch Included, Limited Seating so Register Now).

Past Participants in Our Events

• Advantage Resourcing
• Alliant Health Solutions
• Ashley Furniture
• AT&T
• Colonial Pipeline
• Cumulus Media
• Curant Health
• Dustex
• Fidelity Bank
• Hodges-Mace
• Homestar Financial
• IFG Companies
• Influence Health
• InfoMart, Inc.
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• Jackson Healthcare
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• National Vision
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• WellStreet
• Pruitt Health
• PwC
• Regions Bank
• Ryno Media
• ServiceMaster
• Sheltering Arms
• SpaceWorks Enterprises
• SunTrust
• Trimont Real Estate
• Vista Metals GA
• Waffle House
• Weber-Stephen Products
(and thousands of other leading companies who have attended our many conferences)

Location: Union Depot
Date:June 20, 2019
Fee: Just $199 (Lunch Included, Limited Seating so Register Now).

Detailed Agenda

subject to change without notice
9:00 am: Registration, Refreshments, Peer Networking.

9:30 am: Five Common Characteristics of Highly Successful People
Assertiveness, Enegry, Optimism, Empathy and Resilience are just a few of the characteristics successful women have in common. Join this presentation to learn and develop these personality traits to become an effective leader.

10:00 am: Panel: Building Your Value.
into a showcase that will help you transition into a stronger leadership position. This topic will help you look closer at yourself and start building a foundation around your value and contributions that impact your organization.

11:00 am: Become the Leader You Envision.
Feelings of being overwhelmed or not qualified for your current/future position can contribute to causing a barrier to achieving leadership potential and upward career choices . This topic is designed to help go beyond the comfort zone and discuss strategies to work through feelings of self doubt, inadequacy and move toward achieving authenticity.
•Fear and self-doubt
•Trust and Credibility
•Powerful and Genuine voice.

11:30 am: Sit-down lunch and informal networking.

12:45 pm: Handling Difficult Conversations with Confidence.
Is there a difficult conversation that keeps you awake at night? Learn a scripting technique to clearly communicate an issue and its impact, propose a solution, and inspire positive outcomes for a joint resolution. Explore techniques to diffuse anger in others and create safety in these conversations. You’ll improve teamwork and productivity by dealing appropriately with important issues and conflicts.

1:20 pm: Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Diversity.
Forbes said it best, "By creating an inclusive workplace you ensure that everyone is given the best opportunity to succeed. And in so doing, you will create a highly diverse company in which employees are happier, more productive and more loyal" According to the New York Times: “There are less women as chief executives of Fortune 500 companies than there are men named ‘James’ as CEOs. Diversity and inclusion are complicated topics that often need more than just a few guidelines to follow, to be truly diverse and inclusive, daily actions, mindsets and company culture.

2:00 pm: How to Reach Your Leadership Potential.
Discuss how being in charge differs from contribution, what skills achieve results through team members and how interpersonal issues and disagreements can jeopardize projects, departments and teams. Look at ways to deal with conflict and and solve problems quickly.

2:30 pm: Networking: Mentor Matching.
Mentors can provide skill development, goal setting, problem solving, access to opportunities and valuable feedback to help you achieve professional and personal goals. Join this session to learn more about the ways you can be or find a mentor in your current organization or by using local groups, online and professional networks.

3:00 pm: Panel: Reviving/FastTracking Your Career.
this session will look at what you can do to avoid or overcome a plateau, revive your career, and finding ways to follow your passion. What are some best practices for transitioning back into the workplace? How can you maintain a record of professional development, despite being on “break?” How can you “catch up” to be more competitive in your career of choice?

4:00 pm: Conclusion.
This concludes our speaker sessions, but we encourage to you network and discuss the days topic and reach out to any of our vendors and/or speakers for any additional information. Thank you for your time and participation in our event

Location: Union Depot
Date:June 20, 2019
Fee: Just $199 (Lunch Included, Limited Seating so Register Now).

"It was excellent and thought provoking."  Carla McDonald, Regional Director of Revenue Mgt, Hospitality Ventures Management Group

"I truly enjoyed the key note speakers who got the audience engaged, made us laugh, who were light-hearted, entertaining, but said great things."  - Charity Alber, Operations Executive, S-Phase

"I really enjoyed the conference. I felt that this conference really held my attention. I was interested in listening to all of the speakers."  - Amanda Gunnells, Project Manager, Schneider Electric

"The speakers were good and the topics were interesting...All in all, I did enjoy the day and learned a lot."  - Susan Roman, Executive Director, S-Phase

"I think the diverse range of speakers was a big positive."  - Dori Mendel, Director of Communications, Call2Recycle

"The panels at the end were valuable and had good content...Owing your worth – also very valuable."  - Karen Baker, Sr.V.P., nThrive

"I really enjoyed the speakers from diverse industries."  - Giulia Bundesmann, General Manager, Primal Screen

"Thank you I really enjoyed yesterday’s program. I felt it covered a broad spectrum of women and the speakers were very insightful."  - Sandi Horgan, Sales Manager, Legendary Events

"Enjoyed the level of speakers as well as varied experiences and backgrounds...Overall content shared was unique and engaging."  - Lauren Unell, Industry Relations Manager, Cox Automotive

"Liked having relatable speakers that share their personal story highlighting their struggle and leading up to their current state of success."  - Kathija Mohammed, Director, AAHOA

"The Mix of presenters was very valuable/interesting. Enjoyed the Panel discussion and open audience Q&A."  - Tia Bryant, Executive Director, S Phase

"Speakers were great and covered great topics. Loved the diversity."  - Bonita Richardson, Accounting Manager, Assurant

"I enjoyed the conference. I thought the topics and speakers were great."  - Katelyn Stewart, Marketing Manager, Warren Averett

"From a Speaker perspective I think they were pretty good."  - Jen Forbes, Director of Leadership Development and Culture, GPS Hospitality

"The conference was very enjoyable. Really felt moved and am making some positive changes in my life as we speak."  - Jennifer Efferson, Chief Administrative Officer, The Powers Company

"I think the concept of the Summit is AMAZING and please continue to do it."  - Victoria Myers, Director of Compliance, Conisus

"I liked the diversity of speakers. The topics were relevant and enjoyed the questions and answer after each speech."  - Jeannine Blanco, Manager, East Lake Foundation

"I thought that the topics were relevant from both a professional development and also a personal standpoint."  - Jill Houchin, Excise Tax Director, RaceTrac Petroleum

"Enjoyed the diversity of topics and backgrounds, and a nice mix of roundtable discussions and more hands-on workshop topics."  - Jill Mourigal, Investment Operations Manager, FiduciaryVest

"Nice location! "  - Vicki Hall, Sr. Manager, Assurant

"All of the speakers were leaders in their careers and extremely inspiration."  - Denise Pagliarulo, VP Finance, AXIS Capital

"I liked the variety of speakers that attended and the how each of them brought something new and exciting to the table to learn from."  - Lauren Ewers, HR Coordinator, Veristor Systems

"I enjoyed the booking of high caliber women as guest speakers."  - Lynn Mcgee, Marketing Manager, FiduciaryVest

"I enjoyed the entire day. The speakers were the best!"  - Susan Waits, V.P. Business Development, HSI Financial Services

"I thought all of the quest speakers did great!"  - Sandra Wingard, Asst. Director of Program, Girl Scouts

"I really enjoyed the speakers. I thought everyone was very accomplished & inspiring."  - Rachel Kohl, Digital Asset Manager, Turner Broadcasting

"I liked that there were multiple speakers for shorter time frames which kept the audience engaged and not at risk of losing interest."  - Paula Wood, Talent Delivery Team Lead, McKesson

"The speakers selected for the event were captivating and engaging which kept the audience focused."  - Alicia Clem, Marketing Manager, Pattillo Construction

"I liked the variety of presentation topics and how personable each one was."  - Alicia Clem, Marketing Manager, Pattillo Construction

"I really enjoyed the variety of presentations and panel members. Made for a well-rounded takeaway of information."  - Marissa Swanson, Architect, Rosser International

"Great speakers!"  - Donna Kain, Director Private Wealth Management, Synovus